Work online!



What is is a website dedicated to generating traffic for other sites as a way of getting money. We couldn't do that without your help, as trying to get many ad views without paying people is difficult. So we decided to pay each person who viewed our as and shared the as to others. And, we created a referral program, that enabled people to invite other people to our website and get money for every invite.

What percentage do I take?

We make around half a US dollar for an advertisement view, and per view we give away 10% of all our profits. In the referral program you earn $0.50 just for inviting a friend.

How do you guys get paid?

We earn money from advertisement views. Basically whenever someone clicks on a link, we receive a small commission (around US$0.50). We can't get a lot of links by ourselves, which is why we created this website to help with earning money for our gaming and student fees by spreading our links to the world. That's where you come in. Every time you view an ad, or invite a person here, you make a small amount of money. Do it a lot of times and you make yourself and us rich.

Who are you guys

Check the About Us page first. Jake lives in the US, and is currently majoring in Computer Engineering at CalTech. Martin is originally from Stuttgart, Germany and currently resides in Poland studying Computer Science. The two met online and got this idea of a website where they could make money.